Learn about the Team at MassHousing Bonds, including our Chief Financial Officer/Financial Director, Manager of Finance and Bond Compliance, and Finance & Bond Specialist.

Photo of Chuck Karimbakas

Chuck Karimbakas

Chief Financial Officer/Financial Director
(617) 854-1276

Chief Financial Officer/Financial Director since July 5, 2016. Previously served as Manager of Capital Planning, Manager of Financial and Capital Planning and Deputy Financial Director. Joined MassHousing in 2003.

Photo of Paul Scola

Paul Scola

Manager of Finance and Bond Compliance
(617) 854-1846

Manager of Finance and Bond Compliance since July 14, 2016.  Previously served as Staff Attorney and Manager of Bond and Regulatory Compliance.  Joined MassHousing in 2005.

Photo of Kathleen Connolly

Kathleen Connolly

Finance & Bond Specialist
(617) 854-1043

Finance and Bond Specialist since August 22, 2016. Previously served as Public Finance Specialist at MassHousing’s Multifamily Bond Counsel firm since 1996.